Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 16 2H 2016

This week we started our second project rotations. I have the opportunity to explore a field I have never been exposed to: procurement! It will be exciting to learn about our vendors and gain insight into the beginning of the supply chain. I also can’t wait to use and develop my negotiating skills.

For my first project, I was in an operations role focused on supply chain. During those seven weeks, I was able to apply everything that I had learned in the classroom towards an actual problem. It was a great way to learn about the company and grow my analytic skills. One thing that surprised me the most was the amount of cross-functional exposure I received. Even though I was in operations, I had the opportunity to talk to individuals from R&D, sales, customer development and more!

Outside of work, it has been nice hanging out with our cohort. As you can tell through many of the blogs, one of the best parts about this program is having a group of colleagues going through the same experience. After an intensive week of Yellow Belt Training, we decided to attend a White Sox game last weekend — a great time to relax and explore more of Chicago. It has been nice having a group to try new activities with and discover the hidden gems of the city.

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