Operations Management Trainee Program Week 15 2H 2016

At this point in time, all of the Operations Management Trainees are currently in the heart of their Lean Six Sigma project. I am working at the Oscar Mayer plant in Davenport, Iowa where we produce our famous Bologna, Deli Fresh and Lunchables.

I have found my project to be very rewarding since I get to work with everyone involved in the process of creating the finished product, including people from operations, maintenance, continuous improvement, and the logistics and planning teams. In the upcoming weeks, my optimized schedules are set to be utilized and I will be able to see actual results and savings from my improvement efforts. It has been amazing to be a new employee while still being able to make such a significant impact.

It is also a very exciting time to be working in Davenport, specifically. Kraft Heinz is in the process of building a brand new facility across town. In the coming months, the transition to the new plant will begin. I am very interested to see all of the opportunities that arise from this brand new plant.

Also, I love working with all the other trainees in our cohort, especially the three others working with me in Davenport. It has been awesome to have them as a resource to help brainstorm ideas for my project. As a Trainee, I feel very prepared from our in-depth training and am eager to step into my new role at the conclusion of the program!

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