Sales Management Trainee Program Week 15 2H 2016

When you hear the words “Yellow Belt,” you probably think of a young Karate student running around a dojo. At Kraft Heinz, it means something slightly different. This past week in Chicago, our Cohort received our yellow belt training from Lean Six Sigma. What is “Yellow Belt” training? It is the second rank in SixSigma that teaches workers problem solving, new ways of thinking and streamlining processes, among other things.

The training is informative, fun and made us rethink the way processes are run in our respective field offices.

While this week was all about working hard, learning, and balancing out jobs in our field office with training, I was able to take a break and spend some time with my fellow cohort members. Our cohort has become extremely close and we are always going to dinner, watching sporting events, celebrating a birthday, etc. This group truly has become more than coworkers and I’m excited to see what accomplishment, promotions, and new opportunities we have ahead of us as we transition into our next roles.

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