Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 17 2H 2016

The best way to get to know a business is through participating in Monthly Performance Reviews (MPRs). This is a monthly ritual/routine where each business unit presents their latest month’s data to top Kraft Heinz executives and updates them on new jobs to be done and resulting action plans. Being brand new to this team, I was so excited to participate in the most recent MPR and learn about the business from a ground-up perspective.

I just began my second project in base marketing. My project consists of optimizing and executing the 2017 consumer promotion and merchandising plan for an iconic product and a major part of the Kraft Heinz business. I was worried I’d be unable to learn all the nuances quickly enough to effectively complete my project. Luckily, I entered the team at the beginning of MPR week and was able to learn everything about each brand in astonishing detail. Each person on my team understands the state of the business at an amazing level and I feel so lucky to be able to learn from them.

We presented MPR at our R&D center in Illinois. The change of scenery was refreshing and I definitely enjoy being able to move around and work in different environments within this program. After MPR ended, my team and I stayed in the R&D center and tasted some new products planned for 2017! I can’t wait to make more progress on my project and see what exciting things are in store in the coming weeks and months.

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