Operations Management Trainee Program Week 17 2H 2016

While counting up the weeks that I’ve been in Cedar Rapids, I’m shocked at how quickly time has passed since I began working at Kraft Heinz. We have been at our plants for nearly three months and I have been involved in so many areas of the Cedar Rapids facility. I have never had an idle moment and I already feel myself growing comfortable in the role.

My main project has recently changed focus, allowing me to work with all of the lines we have at the factory. My projects have given me the opportunity to work with Quality Assurance, Production, Materials, Scheduling, Finance, as well as, Continuous Improvement (CI). The managers and supervisors are actively interested in the projects, which makes it exciting to share the results.

The people at the plant have really made this job enjoyable. From managers to operators, everyone has suggestions for making the plant better, and they really want to be involved in my projects. I’m looking forward to continuing to working on my project and experiencing new aspects of the plant as I take on more and more of the CI role.

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