Sales Management Trainee Program Week 17 2H 2016

I cannot believe that tomorrow marks four months since joining the Kraft Heinz family! The time has flown, but in just four months I feel that I have learned more than I thought I could in four years. I graduated from Penn State University in the spring of 2016, and I am originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia. In July, I moved to Hoboken, which is a small town on the Hudson River just minutes away from New York City. I am placed in the Parsippany office, which is full of happy, helpful people who have been more than willing to help me and my fellow trainees in the office along every step of our journey.

As a trainee, I have had the opportunity to meet many influential people and attend various events and appointments that are crucial to my team’s retail customer.  Shadowing customer business leads (CBLs) and sitting in on buyer meetings has given me a much deeper knowledge of our business, and how well Kraft Heinz leaders do their jobs. I feel like I am learning from the best of the best, and I truly don’t think I would have this level of experience and exposure anywhere else.

Being a trainee is great because you are able to connect with new people from all across the country. When I joined the SMTP program, like most of the trainees, I did not know anyone else in our cohort. However, after four months, I feel like I have made friends with every person in the program. We are able to confide in and help each other, since we are all going through similar challenges and triumphs. I always look forward to going back to Chicago and reuniting with my cohort. Though starting a new job can be intimidating, my trainee friends and Parsippany coworkers have given me the best head start I could have asked for!

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