Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 18 2H 2016

This week was the halfway point of our second project rotation, which means that we are just three weeks in with three to four more weeks left to go until our final placement! Though it has only been a short time, I have learned a great deal from my cheese marketing team and worked cross-functionally with consumer insights, sales, brand build and finance. In addition, I am blessed to have two wonderful managers that challenge me and are invested in my growth and development. Most importantly, I had the wonderful opportunity to present my midpoint competitive analysis project to the VP head of our business unit.

I think I can speak for everyone in the program that we all greatly appreciate the exposure and opportunities to interact with the leaders of this company, which most young professionals in other companies do not necessarily get. I enjoyed receiving feedback from the VP head and discussing the next steps for the project that will best impact and provide value to the business.

During lunch, many trainees enjoy catching up and updating everyone on their projects. It’s amazing how much we have grown. We can now leverage our new skills and knowledge to help each other with our projects..

Outside of work, this was also the weekend that the Cubs beat the Dodgers and advanced to the World Series! It is so exciting for all the trainees who live in Chicago during this historic moment. Many of us celebrated in Wrigleyville throughout the weekend. The trainees have really bonded through the course of the program and have progressed from being fellow trainees/coworkers to great friends.

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