Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 19 2H 2016

All of the Kraft Heinz offices celebrated Halloween in style last week. Chicago and Pittsburgh offices held decorating contests to see who could make their floor the spookiest, with notable themes like the “Heinz BBQ Pit of Despair” and “Zombie Cubs Game,” which was  worthy of their dying hopes for a World Series win. Considering it marked the half-way point of our second project rotations, the tone of the “scary” day was very light-hearted, and a great way to bring out the creativity and fun that makes many Kraft Heinz brands so special.

For those reading this – and I imagine some of you are hoping to work here – it’s important to understand that this program not only teaches trainees how to work at Kraft Heinz, but how to be effective, versatile employees in general. Working here for the past five months, I’ve learned to tackle a variety of things that used to scare me – things like presenting to senior managers, or complicated data analytics. The purpose of this program is not to allow you to continue doing what makes you comfortable, or even to continue doing what you’ve studied for the past four years. It’s to help you grow.

At the moment, I’m working on a project involving our promotional activities with the Sauces Category Marketing team. As someone who majored in Marketing and English, I am not afraid to say that my core strengths did not initially lie in numbers. This project has taught me what is necessary to take pieces of quantitative information and draw truly valuable business conclusions, and not be overwhelmed in the face of thousands of lines of raw data. In working with teams like Revenue Management and Brand Activation, I’m learning what it means to have confidence, even when I may not be the expert on a certain subject. Every single day holds big lessons and little lessons, and as our University Relations team has consistently told us, that’s why we’re here: to learn.

Kraft Heinz Halloween was one of my favorite days at the company so far, and only served to remind me why I love being in the Corporate Management Trainee Program. I’m so excited to start my career in a place where I can conquer my fears and have so much fun while contributing to our mission “To be the best food company, growing a better world.”

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