Operations Management Trainee Program Week 18 2H 2016

This week marks my 15th week here at the Tomato Processing Plant in Escalon, California. The first several weeks here exposed me to the hustle and bustle of Plant Operations. During tomato season, the plant runs seven days a week for 95 days. These are the most crucial 95 days of the year for us, as this is the time where production is in full swing. It has been quite an experience becoming familiar with the intricacies of tomato processing and immersing myself in the plant community. I have become overwhelmed with admiration at the hard work, passion, and dedication of the Escalon Team, from management to plant workers.

I have been working on a Continuous Improvement project that has allowed me to work with all areas of the production team. I’ve worked with maintenance, quality, safety, production supervisors, operations managers, the finance team, and line workers. I am really enjoying the opportunity to lead such a large-scale project for this plant. I feel it has been a great way to get exposed to all the different teams that exist and make a difference for them.

Escalon is a town in Northeastern California, right in the central valley. Since being here, I have come to understand how important this Plant is to the people and community here. It has been around for 72 years. Everyone knows when tomato season is coming, as trucks start to flow in from the North and South. Escalon brand tomato products have an incredible reputation and the Plant employees take a lot of pride in what we produce. It is great to become a part of something so long-lasting and impactful.

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