Sales Management Trainee Program Week 18 2H 2016

It has now been four months since my career at Kraft Heinz began. Time has flown by since graduating from the University of Alabama and starting my job with KHC. The complexity and diversity of experiences I have had over these past 16 weeks are unparalleled. After the first two weeks of training with my entire cohort in Chicago, I was placed in Richmond, VA as a Sales Management Trainee for the Military Region.

Since joining the military team, I have learned the complexity of working with the government and sending products to commissaries all over the world. I started communicating with our team in Europe and Asia to implement new processes and discuss opportunities overseas. My team and I were able to visit several commissaries near Virginia Beach and see the distribution center where our products get shipped overseas. Working with brokers, customers, and team members from all over the world has strongly improved my communication skills. This job has forced me to be assertive and to keep digging for information until I find my answers.

It has been an overall great experience. Not only have I been learning an ample amount from my team, but I have also had the opportunity to explore a new region of the country! Richmond’s geography has allowed me to take weekend trips to the beach, the mountains, and to Washington, D.C. I am constantly looking forward to all of the new challenges and opportunities that this job offers!

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