Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 20 2H 2016

My journey through the Corporate Management Trainee Program so far has been extremely rewarding. I have had the opportunity to work on two very different projects that have shown me where exactly my interests lie. Both of my rotations have been in the Breakthrough Innovation R&D group. This week, I conducted five taste-tests for my project and got to see the opinions of others on the products I have been working on. I also did a lot of research on emerging technologies.

Outside of work, this was arguably the best week ever to be living in Chicago. After 108 years, the Cubs finally won the World Series and the energy throughout the city was amazing. Being around the stadium during game time was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and the celebration parade on Friday was the seventh largest gathering in history with about 6 million people at the festivities. Being in Chicago and being able to spend time with such a great group of people is so rewarding.

This weekend, I am going to Pack Expo, which is a huge conference that comes to Chicago every other year. Everyone from the packaging industry comes into town for it, so I am looking forward to catching up with old friends and talking with suppliers about their capabilities.

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