Operations Management Trainee Program Week 20 2H 2016

As a cohort, we have been at our plants for three and a half months now. The knowledge I’ve gained and the impact I have made at the Suffolk, Virginia plant has far exceeded my expectations. I have had the opportunity to shadow each department and have built relationships that are very helpful in starting the transition to my new supervisor position.

The project that I have ownership of is in a different department in the plant than where I will be placed in for my supervisor role. We are about to implement the solution element we have developed and will see the impact over time. Normally, I would be nervous about this since I won’t be in that department. However, the team we have established has shown they are dedicated to the success of the project. This attests to the culture that has been ingrained in this plant. Everyone wants to succeed and understands the best way to do that is by working together.

The way I explain my experience thus far in Kraft Heinz is with the word “ownership.” I have been given all the resources needed to succeed and it has been up to me to make this happen. Everyone has been there to help when I needed it but, ultimately, it is my own responsibility. I never was expecting this much responsibility right away but I am loving every minute of it.

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