Business Development Trainee Program Week 1 2017

Welcome to the first blog from the 2017 Business Development Trainee Program! Our first few days here in Chicago have been jam packed with activities to introduce us to the world of Kraft Heinz! I am thrilled to be beginning my career with this fast-paced and innovative company after completing an internship with the Publix team in Tampa last summer. It is hard to believe that I graduated from Elon University in North Carolina just a few short weeks ago, and I have already had the opportunity to meet some of the top leaders in the company and learn from the talented trainee classes of past years.

Our cohort enjoyed getting to know each other while exploring the beautiful city of Chicago during a scavenger hunt, and got to participate in a meal-packaging event for Stop Hunger Now. I was blown away by the commitment Kraft Heinz has made to help eliminate global hunger through their Micro nutrient Campaign; a program that has developed a packet of essential vitamins, and minerals that when stirred into food help fight malnutrition and disease. We have gotten the chance to learn about the White Belt Six Sigma Training, an outline of process improvement and problem solving methodology that will come in handy once we are in our field offices. I am looking forward to see what else we will accomplish during training, and even more excited to begin my projects with the Kroger Team in Cincinnati!

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