Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 1 2017

My first week here as a Trainee has been a whirlwind, but also extremely exciting! All in one week, I managed to graduate from Northwestern, move into an apartment in Chitown, and start full-time work at KHC. The Corporate Management Trainee cohort is full of smart and down-to-earth people; just as I was impressed as an intern last summer by the brains of the employees of the company, I am blown away by the talented people I now have the opportunity to get to get to know.

We’ve been with the Sales and Operations Trainees this week, and we were all first introduced to each other at the start of this week with an icebreaker game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cheerleader. I got to the finals and got to wear a sweet Ketchup costume while Martin wore the Mustard suit. I think we rocked it, see photo to judge for yourself.

Besides getting to know each other, we’ve gotten to hear from former Trainees and learn about how the company works from many employees from across the company. I’d say some of my top moments from the week include running into coworkers from the team I was on last summer around the office, doing the Rise Against Hunger meal packing event, and getting to do an escape room with the Corporate Management Trainee cohort. Oh, and did I mention we scored a meeting with Bernardo, THE CEO, on our second day?!? Truly wild, but he’s the sponsor for our program so it’s not the only time we’ll get to see him. With one week of training under my belt, the University Relations team is already exposing us to exciting parts of the business, and I’m pumped to jump into Sales week next week!

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