Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 1 2017

This past week was an exciting introduction to what seems to be a very special opportunity at the company. We met as a group with the CEO (our program sponsor) on the second day, attended presentations from leadership teams across varying parts of the firm, had meetings with former trainees, participated in a group case study session and a very insightful simulation of financial and strategic decision making, observed marketing innovation pitches, and even participated in an office meal packaging event, as seen in the photo below. The week immersed us into the culture of the company in a valuable way and helped us develop skills and understanding across valuable areas.

In addition, we had several opportunities to collaborate with our peers in the program. Many of the training exercises, such as the case study and company simulation, were done in teams, and we also had group outings in the city, such as a scavenger hunt and an “escape the room” event. I have enjoyed getting to know the other trainees, and we are definitely becoming more connected as a group.

Finally, I am eager to begin the second week and continue learning. The very observable performance and success driven culture of the company, in addition to the vast support for the program and its productive pace, has been tremendously fascinating and motivating!

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