Business Development Trainee Program Week 1 2017

I have officially begun my second week as a Business Development Trainee! I can hardly believe that only a week has passed since the beginning of my career with Kraft Heinz. So far, we have played games, gone on a field trip, and learned an immense amount from the other associates within the company.

The week ended with a business simulation board game on Thursday and a trip to a Research and Development facility on Friday. I won’t linger too long on the board game as my team only received third place… but I will say that the R&D plant was exceptional! The visit consisted of two parts, a breakdown of product taste testing and a tour of the plant. Towards the end of the tour, our guide offered us all a taste of some fresh baked marshmallows. They really sweetened the experience.

To celebrate the completion of Week 1, the trainees got together to explore the Chicago nightlife. We all had an amazing time and even caught a glimpse of a stray Weinermobile. The remainder of the weekend was spent together wandering the beaches, gazing at zoo animals, and enjoying some delicious food.

This week is Sales Week, and the Sales and Corporate Trainees will be traveling to either Rogers, AR, Minneapolis, MN, or Cincinnati, OH, to get a better understanding of what goes on within field sales offices. We are off to a great start and I cannot wait to better get to know Kraft Heinz and my fellow trainees in days to come!

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