Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 1 2017

The first week of the 2017 Operations Management Trainee Program was a whirlwind of new faces, new information, and new experiences.  The training came in the form of presentations from various members of corporate, a trip to the research and development facility, and even a simulation where we got to run and make executive decisions for a company.  All of the trainees have been hard at work learning about the Kraft Heinz culture in order to go out and make a difference.  One of my favorite, although exhausting, memories was a scavenger hunt around the city of Chicago where teams had to post pictures of themselves at various locations that corresponded to certain clues.  Another experience I enjoyed was the food packing event with Rise Against Hunger where we were able to pack over 13,000 bags of food for the less fortunate.  Although I have not worked on any projects or added any value to the company just yet, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time learning and getting to know all of the other amazing trainees and leaders.

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