Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 2 2017

Our second Monday in the office marked the beginning of Sales Week, a dive into one of the most important functions at the company and a chance for the trainees to experience a few different cities. The Corporate and Sales Trainees split into three separate groups, one group heading to Minneapolis, another to Arkansas, and the best group (mine) heading to the wonderful city of Cincinnati to indulge in Graeter’s Ice Cream, and find time to meet the Sales Team in charge of Kroger (Kraft Heinz’s second largest customer) too! The smaller group setting allowed us all to get to know our groups and friends better and many laughs were shared on the trip.

The days have been packed with informative presentations and simulations, but the trainees have all found time to have some fun outside of work. While last week marked our first week of work, it also represented our first weekend in Chicago. Most of our CMT class of 33 met up Friday to head to Wrigleyville, one of Chicago’s most fun areas, allowing us to bond outside of work and see what kind of nightlife Chicago had to offer – needless to say, the first Friday out did not disappoint. Even Sunday turned into a big social gathering for the CMTs, as many of us met up, and even got to meet former trainees as we took to the streets for the Pride Parade and watched Kraft Heinz’s own Oscar Mayer Wienermobile take part. All in all, these first two weeks have been jam-packed but full of excitement, and I speak for all of us when I say I look forward to what is to come.

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