Business Development Trainee Program Week 2 2017

Week two is now over for the Sales Trainees and we are almost done with training! The second week of training was all about sales execution, MBO’s, and analyzing data and consumer trends. We learned about the different retailers/divisions of the company and how they operate.

The second week of training also included a sales visit to the different office locations. Trainees went to: Cincinnati, Rogers, or Minneapolis. At these locations we learned about Target, Walmart, or Kroger. I visited Rogers and learned about our largest customer, Walmart. Other Trainees and I in Rogers got to visit an actual Walmart store and learned what drives consumer spending, promotion styles, and how to close deals with Walmart. It was great to connect with more employees of the company and see a different side of Kraft Heinz other than the Chicago office.

Visiting the Walmart office provided a great preview of what being in the field is like and how you must take a different approach depending on the retailer. Walmart requires that they do what is in best interest for both companies and not just Kraft Heinz. Despite them being trained to be tough negotiators, I believe it makes us better at negotiating as well. When visiting the Walmart store we got to look at specific products and talk about what we would do better and how we could grow the sales/change the look of the shelf that our product was on.

Visiting a different sales office was a great experience and I cannot wait to see what the last week of training has in store for us! I am very excited to be placed on the West sales region execution team and begin to work on my projects next week!

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