Business Development Trainee Program Week 3 2017

As the final week of our training came to a close, the sales management trainees took full advantage of networking with each other and different leaders within corporate headquarters. We spent our final week celebrating the Fourth of July Weekend and finishing strong in our training.

One main focus during the last week was really deep diving into Project LEGO. We did a store walk with three in-store partners and received a thorough overview of what their day-to-day routine is like. We even witnessed Andrew selling Kraft Singles to Mariano’s Head of Dairy! Later after the store walk was complete, we had multiple leaders and ISPs of LEGO participate in a panel with us, and finally closed out the day asking ourselves “Why LEGO?” After focusing on the importance of LEGO for two days, we were able to understand exactly how our roles as trainees relate to Project LEGO, and apply the knowledge to those new roles.

We also participated in the Zombie Escape Room on Michigan Avenue, in which we had one hour to escape from a room by unlocking clues to discover the key out, while avoiding the zombie roaming the room. This was a perfect opportunity to understand each other’s talents and leadership styles as we rushed under pressure to complete our task. Fortunately, we finished with about 7 minutes left and received great feedback from our game host as to what we did well and what we could approve upon. It was a fun, high energy experience, and we all want to do it again!

Finally, on our last day of training, we participated in negotiations training for a full work day, which was incredibly valuable for incoming sales management trainees. As these past four days have been a big transition for us moving to our different field sales locations, today marks our first day of work. We are ready to apply what we learned to our training and passionate to contribute to KHC.

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