Business Development Trainee Program Week 4 2017

It has officially been a month since I joined Kraft Heinz! The experience so far has been beyond what I could have ever imagined. In these past few weeks, I have met countless new connections including my cohort, various trainees, and my coworkers in my New Jersey sales office. Additionally, I have been given the opportunity to travel around the US to Chicago, Cincinnati, and now Parsippany to partake in training, field sales, and day-to-day work operations.

In Chicago, my cohort and I received a deep-dive in all things Kraft Heinz. Aside from learning the basics, we learned soft and hard skills such as negotiation tactics and ‘White Belt’ training. Since arriving in my sales office, I have begun to understand my role and the specifics on the Northeast region. Also, I have recently gone on a ‘Retail Day’ throughout NYC to better understand the dynamics of the grocery store market in that area. Overall, my time with KHC has been wonderful and action-packed and I can’t wait to see what is next on my journey throughout my time as a trainee.

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