Business Development Trainee Program Week 4 2017

As the second week in our sales offices is already under way, it still seems like just yesterday that all the trainees were together out in Chicago! The three weeks spent in the windy city was a phenomenal opportunity to learn about the Kraft Heinz company culture, receive training, and get to know the other trainees in the cohort. It has been especially helpful to keep up with the other trainees as we each headed out to our respective sales offices around the country. For me, I was going back home to Arkansas and if there was one thing that I gathered before heading to the office, it was that they get down to business and work hard.

Transitioning from the training we received at headquarters to the day-to-day rituals and routines of the office, Arkansas has been easy and enjoyable thanks to the help of my manager and colleagues. I sit at the same block of tables as my fellow trainee, as well as two other analysts who were both previous trainees. In fact, four of the analysts here in office were trainees in last year’s class. They have all been incredibly helpful answering any questions that I have, helping with any issues I run into, and leading trainings on the systems and reports that I will be working in.

So far, I have been introduced to the various systems and software used and have been able to follow several of the daily and weekly reports that I will be taking responsibility for. In addition to starting my first project, I am really enjoying the challenge of doing an ad hoc data pull, analyzing it, and seeing if I can make an impactful story out of it.

The time spent here in the office so far has been filled with learning experiences and challenges, newfound relationships with colleagues, and plenty of opportunities to start owning work. I am looking forward to the next several months as I dive deeper into my projects here and am excited to see the exceptional work that the rest of the business development trainees are accomplishing. Stay tuned!

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