Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 2 2017

Week 2 marked the beginning of our first immersion week of our training program. The focus of Week 2 was on the Sales function here at Kraft Heinz. The Corporate Management Trainees had the pleasure of spending the week with the Business Development (Sales) Trainees this week, who will all be working in field sales offices across the country after the conclusion of the training program.

The beginning of the week provided us many opportunities to begin to understand the sales function, and how it fits into the greater landscape and goals of Kraft Heinz. This included hearing from business leaders from all five of our sales regions. These regions include Walmart, Kroger, East, West and Channel. The head of sales for the Walmart and West region spoke with the trainees here in the Aon center, and provided insights and challenges from their regions.

We saw many common themes across the sales presentations that we heard including the importance of the 4 P’s, which are Product, Placement, Promotion, and Price. The use of trade spend was also an area of interest to many trainees as we begin to try and understand how it is implemented with retailers. The two cohorts also had the opportunity to learn about how Kraft Heinz uses Nielsen data, as well as get our feet wet using it through a case study. This involved evaluating a market, recommending a new product to a retailer, and planning a promotion schedule. Time was limited, but all the teams presented quality information and defended their recommendations.

The week was highlighted by a trip to a field sales office, which marked the trainees first official business trip. I was assigned to visit the Minneapolis office where the sales relationships with Target and SuperValu are managed from. We were treated to a day of panels and discussions about previous customer interactions lead by a Customer Vice President in the office. The Minneapolis group is not anxiously awaiting their next business trip however, after a 6-hour delay made for a very late night. We are excited about Operations week next week though, as well as the 4th of July weekend!

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