Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 3 2017

This extended weekend we celebrated the 4th of July! I spent time at the beach with some fellow trainees on Saturday–a perfectly relaxing complement to our quick one night trip to Arkansas during sales week. I had a ton of fun in Arkansas, particularly in our Walmart store visit where Pablo and I learned about the intricacies of trade, promotions, and securing distribution from Travis. After the quick travel turn-around I was thrilled to have not just the 4th (Tuesday) but also Monday off! On the 4th I brought a few people from the cohort to a bbq with some of my friends from school, and we nomed on some Oscar Mayers before meeting up with other trainees for the fireworks.

After celebrating the holiday, we launched into operations week. The highlight in my opinion was the visit to our largest plant (measured by ponds produced) in Champaign. After the road trip from Chicago, we paused for a quick photo op before launching into presentations and an insightful plant tour. Watching the pourables process was so fascinating; I saw raw materials mixed to form a liquid then piped to the ground floor, poured into plastic bottles, caped, and finally labeled. I’d love to go back to see how more products are manufactured from raw ingredients to finished goods again one day!

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