Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 3 2017

So far, the Corporate Management Trainee Program has been an incredibly enriching opportunity to learn about the food business here at Kraft Heinz.  Sales week ended on Friday with a case study centered around merchandising Kraft Heinz products more effectively in-store and increasing sales during holiday seasons, also known as power windows. The trainees were broken out into groups of six and were asked to tour the local Mariano’s Grocery Store located next to the Aon Center.  We were prompted to identify challenges the specific Mariano’s location faced and recommend sales initiatives Kraft Heinz could offer to cater to those challenges and drive sales for both Mariano’s and KHC.

I never knew walking through a grocery store could be so insightful! My group spent an hour touring the store, questioning why products were placed in certain areas, why some products were featured and why some products were not.  It was especially interesting to understand certain promotional layouts due to the approaching 4th of July weekend, a promotional power window. Our group bounced ideas off one another and created a strong recommendation for this specific Mariano’s location that we then presented to one of KHC’s sales teams. My team had a lot of fun and created a final recommendation that the sales team really appreciated.  It was an activity that highlighted the importance of relationship building within sales and the extensive thought process that goes into product placements in-store.

The trainees enjoyed the long weekend, celebrating Louise’s birthday on Monday with a surprise party and America’s birthday on Tuesday with a lakeside fireworks show viewing. I look forward to learning more about the Kraft Heinz business and enjoying a sunny summer in Chicago with the trainees!

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