Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 4 2017

It’s finally marketing week! Although I was a Political Science major at UPenn, I had several marketing-related internships, which is what originally attracted me to Kraft Heinz.  I have been so excited for this week (especially given all that we’ve heard about outstanding equity of the Kraft Heinz brands), and I must say it is living up to my expectations. After hearing from top-level marketers, I can attest that Kraft Heinz has an extremely data-driven and innovative approach to marketing with strong communication across the various teams. As with all functional departments of the company, every decision has a clearly defined purpose and goal that allows the company to strategize and execute with precision—necessities that are at times lost in the “fluff” of traditional marketing.

Today was particularly engaging for my cohort of 32, all sitting attentively in the air-conditioned room (our home away from home) and sipping coffee from our Kraft Heinz mugs. After several presentations from marketing directors and graduated trainees (which were of course paired with rapid-fire Q&A sessions), we were broken up into teams of four to five for our first marketing case study. I appreciated the smaller size of the group and our ability to leverage each other’s skills in terms of analyzing data, making excel spreadsheets, and outlining our go-to-market strategy for our new product development project. Three hours flew by as we dived into some of the most fun and lively food products that penetrate nearly every household. At the end of our allotted time, we got the chance to present in front of our cohort, University Relations Team and several members of the marketing team.

Although my team didn’t win the prize of Oscar Mayer cold cuts, I never fail to be amazed at how encouraging and helpful my fellow trainees and the University Relations team are. Having moved to Chicago knowing almost no one, my cohort acts like a built-in community and I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many kind and smart individuals!

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