Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 4 2017

This past week has been a blast.  Week 3 was a shortened one given we had Monday and Tuesday off for July 4th (woot woot), but that left 3 jam-packed days of operations training.  We were alongside the operations management trainees in the Aon center on Wednesday and Friday where we had the opportunity to hear from leaders on the operations side of the business.  Personally, most of this information was new to me and proved to be valuable in helping me piece together how different parts of the company interact.  On Thursday, we all drove down to Champaign, Illinois to visit one of our larger factories.  If you’ve never been to a factory like me, it was quite a unique experience.  Apart from hearing from the leadership there, we were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the place.  Suited up in goggles, coats, ear plugs, headphones, and hardhats we were shown the ins and outs of our mac and cheese and salad dressing operation lines.  Not to mention, they had a huge mac and cheese noodle statue outside- as you can imagine, photo-shoots ensued (our car’s picture is below).

Outside of work, summer weekends in Chicago live up to the hype. This past weekend was Taste of Chicago, where you can taste what Chicago’s best food vendors have to offer in Grant Park while enjoying a free concert. We ventured down on Saturday and enjoyed some pull pork sliders with a side of mac and cheese while listening to Passion Pit. Sunday was (another) beach day followed by comedy club night at Second City. Chicago has truly proven to be an extraordinary city with countless things to do and food to try.  And to echo other trainees, getting to know the cohort inside and outside of work has been one of the highlights of my first few weeks in the Midwest.

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