Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 5 2017

I can’t believe it’s been one month already of the CMTP. Exactly one month ago I was graduating from Northwestern and now here I am at Glenview looking at some of the most advanced technologies in the world for R&D. As you can probably tell, this week we were all sent to Glenview, which is located in the suburbs of Chicago and takes about 40 minutes by train if you are coming from the city.


Upon arrival, I expected to enter something similar to a college science lab.  I was mistaken. The building does have some labs and spaces to test new products. However, there are also plenty of spaces where employees have office meetings and also an open working environment just like AON, where people sit next to each other when working. They even have a gym in there, which is awesome!


This week so far we have been exposed to many interesting materials about R&D including packaging, breakthrough innovation, quality, consumer insights and many more. Today was one of the coolest days so far in the program. We had the opportunity to take a look at how sensory labs and taste testing’s work. It was truly a unique experience that I have never been exposed to before. We also had some time to chat with former trainees, which is always good because those people were in our shoes and most of the time have some insight to share with us about what they would do better if they were still a trainee and are very open to answering questions. Lastly, we went on a tour where we could see all of the machines that make the first prototype ideas that they test to see if they are feasible to go to the real plants. Ooh, I almost forgot!! Today we cooked our own food using the test kitchens (See picture above). I was surprised at how good we were at making hot dogs and am even considering asking to be placed as a hotdogger in my first rotation. 


Overall, It has been a great learning experience so far and I cannot wait to see what is to come next. At the end of this week we will know which placements we will be at which is both at the same time very exciting and crazy since the first six weeks is already coming to an end. Next week is Finance week which I’m looking forward to since it is one area that I’m very interested working in.

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