Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 3 2017

During the third week of the Operations Management Trainee Program, the Operations trainees were paired with the Corporate trainees and we went through an Operations immersion.  This consisted of presentations from various leaders in the Operations Department, a management simulation, and a case study on a new product launch.  The management simulation was all about finding the balance between coaching/recognizing your employees and simply getting the job done to drive results.  It was definitely one of my favorite days of the program so far and I feel like I learned a lot of practical knowledge that will help me be a better manager once I’m in my plant.  The first couple days of the fourth week were all about lean six sigma (yellow belt) training.  This consisted of a lot of presentations about certain terminology and methodologies associated with lean six sigma that will ultimately help reduce waste in a process and improve efficiency. The lectures were broken up with different activities that allowed us to practice certain aspects of the course.  This included coming up with ways to improve a sticker production line, writing clear work instructions to fold a t-shirt, and creating value stream maps.  I also really enjoyed this training because it is all extremely useful information that we will all use once we get into our respective plants and begin working on our yellow belt projects.  Since this blog post happened to fall in the week of 7/11 (July 11th), the picture shown is of myself with some of the other trainees with our free Slurpees that we got from 7-Eleven.  Since there were stops at multiple 7-Elevens on the way back from work, this quest was coined as the “7-Eleven crawl”.  I’ve certainly learned a lot of practical information over the past month and I am extremely excited to go out and put that knowledge to use in my plant, as well as being excited to learn even more through actual experiences.

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