Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 5 2017

This past week, the Operations Management Trainees relocated to their plants and began to immerse themselves in their new cities. I moved down to Newberry, SC and joined the team here to support the production of many Oscar Mayer products, most notably turkey bacon and lunch meat. While most of the trainees got their start on Wednesday, I dove right in a day early, participating in the plant’s general orientation with many new hires.

Throughout the first week, I’ve learned a lot about the production processes here in Newberry. Most interesting to me has been how the facility adapts around separation. To avoid cross-contamination, the plant is divided into two sections. Restrictions on passing between the two sides are in place.  Communication is important, and it has been interesting to see how management works around the separation.

After the initial couple days of orientation, I toured both sides of the plant to see the entire process in action. My managers, the operators, and other members of leadership have all been very welcoming and helpful to explain their roles and answer any questions I have had. As this next week moves forward, I will start the U-Tour program at the plant. This is a way to spend quality one-on-one time with management in every department to learn more about their roles, problems they face, and how they impact the business. I also will start defining my project with my managers, so I can’t wait to get started!

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