Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 6 2017

This week our cohort was at our research and development office in Glenview. This was an amazing week filled with innovation talks and a lot of food. Perhaps my favorite activity during the whole R&D week was a presentation on compliance in manufacturing plants.

Three of us were picked to be operators of a production “line”, but instead of producing a KH product, we had to follow instructions and make an ice cream sundae. The tricky part of this project was complying with all regulations. There were certain utensils that could only be used for certain ingredients in the ice cream sundae, and as an operator, it was hard to make sure I was adhering to all regulations. Each of the operators making a sundae also had an adherence monitor who was tracking our performance. Although I felt as if my sundae was masterfully crafted, after I completed it I had to get my results from my adherence monitor. She informed me of all the mistakes I had made, including not disposing of materials correctly and not complying to safety standards by putting my hair net on incorrectly.

Overall, this activity was a great way to learn just how much time and effort goes into making sure we deliver the highest quality products and comply with all operating standards. The engagement and uniqueness of this event made it my favorite of the week, and getting to eat the sundae after was an added bonus.

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