Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 6 2017

This week marks my second full week working as a production supervisor in the Springfield, Missouri plant. I have loved coming to work for a couple reasons. First, I work in the dinners department which primarily produces KRAFT blue box mac and cheese and VELVEETA pasta dinners. The lines here are efficient, so finding the low hanging fruit may be challenging, but the processes and equipment are awesome to work with. Second, I work with great people. Everyone is invested in their lines and desires that we run at maximum capacity. The support has been incredible in this growing period for me. Being a fresh employee right out of college, it’s extremely nice having maintenance, engineering, quality, and HR all available to answer questions. Third, Springfield has plenty of great places to be outdoors and so many good places to eat! It has more restaurants per capita than New York City. I can eat at a different place every night for a month or more, definitely a plus. I’m looking forward to delving even deeper into my position and working with others to make improvements on the lines I supervise!

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