Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 6 2017

This week marks the official completion of all the OMTP’s relocations into our plants. I had the pleasure of being placed in the Sauce and Soup Factory in Irvine, CA. This plant is special to the Kraft Heinz network in that we specialize mainly in Food service and have our own branded soups. This week involved me shadowing with various departments of the factory, as well as meeting with all the management in what is called the “U-tour.” I was fortunate enough to meet with Production, Warehousing, Quality, and Maintenance this week. I will be finishing my shadow next week as I work with Sanitation during the Third Shift.

In the Production Area, my yellow belt project focuses on what we call our Cold Room. We call it our Cold Room not because it’s cold, but because it doesn’t involve any high temperature cooking. My project will mainly be on reducing waste and downtime in the area, which will greatly improve the OEE in that area. Alongside my project, I will be taking the role of a Line Lead/Supervisor and take charge of that Cold Room area.

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