Business Development Trainee Program Week 10 2017

Wow, has it been a crazy past few weeks! I have had various new learning experiences from deep dive meetings to sitting in on customer calls. As I get more acquainted to my daily rituals and routines as well as my work environment, I have become more confident in my role and as a team member in the Kraft Heinz Company.

On top of this, I have many exciting events planned for the Fall. I will be given the opportunity to work at a food show in the New York area. While there, I am most excited to see the logistics of the show as well as the dynamics between customers. Additionally, in the next month, I will be reunited with the rest of my Business Development Trainee cohort in Chicago. During this time, my cohort and I will be able to discuss our time with the company thus far and gain insights for how to best go forward in the back end of 2017.

Overall, working for Kraft Heinz and being in the Trainee Program have been eye-opening experiences where I have truly seen and experienced the values that bring the KHC culture together!

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