Business Development Trainee Program Week 10 2017

We are all officially a month into our current roles! Time is flying by. Over the past four weeks I have been immersed into the world of a large grocery customer and have learned so much already. The team is great and has quickly welcomed me onboard. My two projects continue to develop and evolve as I progress through my training. The main focus of my work is merchandising planning. The cherry on top at Kraft Heinz has been the incredible view from my desk. I sit on the 76th floor of the Aon building and get to see both the skyline and Lake Michigan all day long.


In a few weeks, the rest of my cohort will be back together in Chicago for our project presentations. I am looking forward to seeing all the great things my friends have done. Since we all were sent to our respective office locations, our cohort has stayed in touch on a daily basis. They have become helpful resources for me as I can always reach out to them for any questions I have. We also just started our fantasy football league on Sunday night! Nothing beats a little friendly competition

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