Business Development Trainee Program Week 11 2017

Upon arriving in Kansas City, the AWG team quickly got me started on my data analytics project. I took a deep dive into item movement during key holiday weeks in one of AWG’s stores and its biggest competitor. From there I have been putting together a PowerPoint presentation that will be used to negotiate and set the 2018 Holiday Ad prices.

On top of my project, I have been given nine different stores to call. They are all within an hour of the office and I have enjoyed getting to meet with the store managers. They all have such interesting stories and a vast amount of experience with Kraft Heinz products, so they have been tremendous resources for me. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about our products directly from the innovation team, while at headquarters, all the way down the pipeline to the store managers themselves. Getting to experience the retail side of the business has been unbelievably beneficial and I truly value the experience.

While visiting one of my stores last week, I ran into a few Peanutters who were visiting in the NUTmobile! I introduced myself and got to hear about their experience with Kraft Heinz as well. Just like me, they are recent graduates, and they are on a full year tour in the NUTmobile! Their journey will take them to places as small as the grocery store I call on to places like the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City. They were handing out samples and Planters branded toys for the kids, Mr. Peanut himself even made an appearance!

After Labor Day weekend, I will be starting my category leadership project. I have learned an immense amount while completing my data analytics project, so I am eager to learn even more as I begin my category leadership project!

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