Business Development Trainee Program Week 12 2017

Welcome to week 13 of the 2017 Business Development Trainee Program. I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey thus far and have been able to visualize the spirit of Ownership and Meritocracy at Kraft Heinz. As the weeks continue to fly by, our projects have evolved and the teams continue to challenge us in new ways.

As our first project is nearing its end, we begin to prepare our report outs for Chicago in two weeks. Can you believe it, we’re almost halfway through the Trainee Program. I can’t wait to rejoin my fellow trainees at headquarters, it will be a memorable week to say the least. My team member Ryan and I have collaborated on some great new projects. Most recently, we’ve been able to dive into our Oscar Mayer Natural Sausage and Frozen Meals businesses. This experience has been amazing, as we’re working with our Customer Sales leaders to compile data and prepare sales stories for the retailer. Other than deep dives, I’ve been able to get my hands dirty with weekly reporting. Thus far, one of my favorite reports is the weekly ad tracker, which highlights all retailer’s ads for the prior week. Even as a trainee, I’m able to own this tracker and communicate all progress of the ads to our Walmart team.

We’ve been in the office for 10 weeks now, and each week has presented new opportunities to develop and challenge myself, which has been one of my favorite aspects of KHC. If you’re looking for a fast paced environment where new tasks are presented and your opinion is valued, then this is the company for you. Outside of work, I’ve settled in to Northwest Arkansas and have fallen in love with my new home. This past weekend, I attended the University of Arkansas’s football game against TCU. Even though our team didn’t win, we had a great time cheering on the hogs. If you’ve never heard of “Calling the Hogs”, you should definitely look into it. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for continuing to follow our adventure, we can’t wait to update you on the time in Chicago. Until next time, #Who Can #We Can.

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