Business Development Trainee Program Week 7 2017

Three weeks working within my field sales office have flown by and I have settled in quite nicely! So far I have been introduced to my two projects, learned that canned soup is a highly underrated lunch option, and have determined precisely what time I need to leave for work in order to avoid the morning traffic. The project I am currently focused on has to do with product promotion during peak times such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I am thrilled to be given this responsibility as I will be able to directly see my efforts translate into additional sales for the company. Although I am a trainee, my work has the potential to greatly impact my team.

Outside of the office, I have been able to explore San Francisco and take in so many experiences. Just this past weekend, I wandered through the Golden Gate Park and found myself in the Botanical Gardens. Pianos were placed throughout the trails and from any point in the park you could hear music being played, it was glorious. I cannot wait to further explore my role and the Bay Area in the weeks to come!

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