Business Development Trainee Program Week 8 2017

Welcome to week 8 of the Business Development Program! This is the 4th full week on our customer team, and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our journey. The sales trainees have very different experiences, so I encourage you to learn from all of us. Learning from the best in the business has been eye-opening. From Day one the team allowed me to own my projects and drive real change. I started my adventure by learning the “Rituals & Routines” of the office, from creating weekly reports to utilizing various software programs. The first two weeks felt like I was “drinking from a fire hose”, but I’m definitely feeling more comfortable with the day to day activities.

My week 2 began with the highly anticipated Analytics Project, where we could dive into the data and create a story with the numbers. My project focused on a last 5 year look at all of our products and how we can drive incremental growth in each one of the categories. My manager has been extremely supportive through this process. We have daily touch points to review progress and align on key actions. Last week, I presented the current findings to all of our sales leaders in the office. What an amazing opportunity for only being 4 weeks in, right? Kraft Heinz has taught me how to truly own a task, work hard, and deliver great results. With great work comes great rewards.

This week I’ve worked on our Frozen Snacks/Appetizers business to prepare our sales leader for her meeting with the Walmart buyer. This experience has been extremely helpful, as I’ve learned how the buyers look at their business and how to prepare effective sales stories. I can’t wait for the coming months and the new projects I’ll be working on. I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress! Until next time, #Who Can  #We Can!

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