Business Development Trainee Program Week 8 2017

This week marks my third full week as an analyst for the West Area Execution team. I have taken over a previous trainee’s full time role and am learning all about Excel, Nielsen, Spark, and Reveal. I send reports out every Sunday to the entire west area that include consumption data and coffee commodity pricing. In addition, every Monday I send out LEGO reports to see how LEGO is doing vs. Acosta, a mods and shippers report to track shipment data, and an NPD report to highlight innovation items and actuals. These reports are used by the whole West Area and are mainly used for WPR calls.

I have enjoyed my time as an analyst and love the people I work with. The environment is very relaxed and everyone is always there to help me whenever I have questions. One cool thing about my job that I did not expect is working from home on Friday’s. My team works remotely on Fridays and we all connect on a call. Being in Chicago is a great experience and have enjoyed every second of it. I look forward to learning more about the West Area and Kraft Heinz in general.

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