Business Development Trainee Program Week 9 2017

The first two months of work have flown by – the trainee program has quickly assimilated us into our respective teams to start adding value. This past week I sat in on the Beverage and Snack Nuts deep dive to hear about the state of the business. It was impressive to listen to all those involved with running the business and their thoughts about where it is going and how they’re going to get there. I was also lucky enough also to be able to hear Sergio and his thoughts during this meeting as well; he is incredibly insightful and it impressed me that he was actively working to understand the smaller details of the business during the deep dive.

Outside of work I have been able to take what I have learned on the job and see it in action whenever I go grocery shopping. It has made shopping more interesting, I can see how quickly changes are made in store and the tactics we use to win consumers at the shelf in action. I have been banished from shopping with my roommates because they say I get annoying when I point out why the shelf is set up the way it is or tell them what I think about a certain promotion I see. It’s safe to say that I am enjoying the rigorous learning process that is the trainee program – looking forward, I am excited to see what my official role will be once the trainee program is complete!

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