Business Development Trainee Program Week 9 2017

I’ve had an incredible experience working with a knowledgeable team who isn’t afraid to help me out when I have any questions. The transition to the office was easier than I thought it would be, with so much preparation for my training, but making the move to the office allowed me to really get into the granularity of a sales role. I’m constantly working with a large grocery customer to understand how they plan to hit their numbers. I’ve had several projects throughout the course of my time here, and this upcoming week I’ll be in a customer facing role, pitching new products to different buyers. I’m excited to have the opportunity, and the team has helped me be as prepared as possible.

The more I learn about Kraft Heinz, the more I realize how much more I have to learn. Being in a sales role has given me so many opportunities to learn more about the company since we touch so many different parts of the business as a whole.

As for California…. yes, it’s beautiful. This past weekend I traveled to central California and visited Hearst Castle. William Hearst made his fortune when he built the largest newspaper chain in the 1920s. He built a massive castle on the hill, and yes, he actually did use HEINZ ketchup for his meals.

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