Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 10 2017

Hi friends! I’m Tiffany Chen and I’m one of the 2017 Corporate Management Trainees at Kraft Heinz. It’s now halfway through the CMT’s first rotation, and time has flown by! We’re all working hard, quickly moving up a steep learning curve (definitely hitting that MBO!), having a lot of fun bonding with our new teams (for me, this means late nights Instagramming sunsets through our 74th floor window, balanced out by donut Fridays), and of course still hanging out with each other at least every weekend.

As an Economics major with internship experience in the finance industry, my first rotation in Revenue Management seems like a natural fit, but everything is completely new to me. I’ve done more Excel in a day on the job than I have in my entire life prior, and have learned to love shortcuts and attempted to go mouseless.

Right now, my team in the Refrigerated (meats & cheeses) Business Unit is slogging hard through the trenches of strategic trade planning for 2018, which will roll up into part of the company’s overall Annual Operating Plan. Trade is funding that KHC gives to our grocery store customers to spend on their store promotions, like the everyday low prices and buy-one-get-one offers you’ll see. Trade is hugely important – from the finance side, it is a multi-billion dollar line item in our P&L, and from the sales side, it is a major driver of sales – so we take the time to ensure our trade dollars are being used effectively to both drive more sales and generate more profit. So far, my team has contacted our customer-facing Sales teams, compiled their store sales data, and standardized it into tidy Excel data. This process is a very granular deep-dive, but we want to build our data from the bottoms up before we start analyzing, optimizing, and pitching our recommended strategic changes from the top down. It’s a real testament to Kraft Heinz’s data-driven culture, which encourage quantification and therefore ownership over every result, and it’s exciting to see my work turn into a tangible impact for the company.

As we cross the midway point of Rotation 1, I’m nostalgic for our training days and am feeling especially thankful for my fellow CMTs. It’s nice to have a familiar touchpoint every lunch or weekend, but I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone together again when we all reunite to share our first rotation experiences and kick off Leadership Training week. For now, it’s onward to phase three of trade planning – optimizing trade rates, depths, and timing to maximize our ROI, help our customers perform equally well, and give consumers the prices that they love.

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