Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 10 2017

On the day of the solar eclipse, the Corporate Management Trainees can be found gathering by the windows of Glenview or by the fountain outside of Aon Center taking a break from the 4th week of our first rotation to stare at the sun – with special eclipse glasses – and quickly so that we can get back to work.

Half way into our first project, it’s incredible to see how instrumental we have each become to our teams as they encourage us daily to take ownership of our projects and continue learning. This is largely due to our passionate and deliberately chosen managers. Their dedication to our growth and development reflects the sincerity and thoughtfulness of every decision made here at Kraft Heinz.

This is especially evident in what our cohort has already accomplished! In such a short time, we are delivering actionable results in marketing, testing new types of microwavable packaging, and developing recipes for amazing new products in R&D. We find ourselves in a rare position where each day is a new opportunity to have a real impact on the business – not many kids right out of college can say that.

I feel so humbled by the experiences I’ve had so far and the people I’m meeting along the way. I look forward to continuing my journey here at Kraft Heinz, and I can’t wait to see the rest of my cohort’s final project results in a few weeks!

Much like today’s solar eclipse, the 2017 KHC CPMT’s futures are so bright, we gotta wear shades.

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