Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 11 2017

This week marks the 5th week of our first rotation project. At this point, I am completely involved in my project and have been fully absorbed with the team I am currently in. For my first project, I am working at the Glenview facility with the Canada Packaging R&D team. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, it has been very interesting to get a glimpse of the packaging industry. I am currently working on a new product launch for Canada. Being that it is a new launch, all the packaging designs and components are completely new which makes things very interesting! Aside from my project, I have been able to expand my professional network exponentially which will be great resources for me as I continue to grow my career. Additionally, I have been able to work with so many cross functional teams such as product development, marketing, sales, and even suppliers which has been an invaluable experience. I even had the chance to visit a supplier’s site!

Outside of work, the cohort continues to get together for fun events around the city. Right now, some of us play in a volleyball league. We play on a weekly basis and continue to improve our game! Some of us are also planning to go to a Cubs game later this week which I am very excited for!

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