Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 12 2017

We are in our 6th week of our 7 ½ week rotation which means our first rotation project is winding down! This past month has flown by as we all have been working hard on our projects that directly impact the Kraft Heinz business, and I am very excited to see what everyone else has been working on in a few weeks when we present our projects to the University Relations Team and our cohort. We had 6 weeks of training prior to this rotation, and we were learning different aspects of the business, presenting case studies, and exercising our Excel skills. I am noticing that as I dive deeper into my project, I am eager to apply what I have learned in our 6-week immersive training.

For my first rotation, I have been working for the procurement team. Since my team is relatively new to this space, they are constantly collaborating and communicating with each other which is a great opportunity to gain oversight into the different processes. I had the opportunity to oversee the big marketing initiatives that go through this team. Last week, I sat in a kick off meeting where they talked about the action plans and the creative work for a new product that they are launching next year. I was also able to help my team gather information that will be presented to the US Head of Central Marketing. It’s amazing how much visibility I get with the business just as a trainee.

I am currently working on my presentation deck that will be presented to University Relations as well as my team on what I have worked on this rotation. My Director wanted to see how things are going and what my presentation looks like, and I appreciate how he takes the time to provide feedback. One of the things to look forward to this week is our monthly meeting with our CEO, Bernardo Hees, where we get the opportunity to directly ask questions about the business. This is what differentiates this rotation program from others out there – the unique opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with your CEO.

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