Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 8 2017

Last week was our first week in our first rotations. I have been placed on the Revenue Management for Grocery team, which is responsible for pricing all the products in the ‘Grocery’ section of retail stores. We work with two of the most iconic products, Blue Box Mac N’ Cheese, and Heinz Ketchup. Last week was a bit hectic for my team since much of our work was due for submission to that other teams within Sales and Marketing can use it for their own purposes. Because of this, I helped my team out with some of the urgent things they needed to get done. I was responsible for taking all the files with an older format, and updating them to the new format. This was a lot harder than it sounds, since a lot of the information was represented in different ways throughout the files. I spent the whole week learning to code in VBA, and eventually came out with Macros that helped me automate this job.

This week, I’ll be starting my 6 week project for the first rotation, and I’ll be working on pricing and promotions for salad dressing. Fun!

Also, last week I made eye contact with Warren Buffet when he was here for the board meeting, and watched a little bit of Lollapalooza from the windows of the 76th floor.

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