Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 8 2017

This week was an especially exciting week because we ended our 6 weeks of training and have completed the first week on our first projects! It was a unique experience of having the first day of work jitters after already being at the company for a month and a half, but my team was extremely welcoming and the trainees all had each other to eat lunch with.

Although it’s heartbreaking to not be spending 8+ hours a day together as trainees, we were all ready and eager to take what we have learned during training weeks and apply it to projects all over the company and contribute to the business. After a week in I can say it has been more of learning and less of contributing, but experiencing the day to day of the business has been the most valuable learning experience. My specific project is with the Kid Single Serve Beverage Base Marketing team to identify opportunities for KOOL-AID and CAPRI SUN. The base side of marketing focuses more on the day to day/year plan, while the brand team focuses more on the brand equity and 3/5-year plan of the products and brands. So being on the base team, I’m learning how to track and analyze our products week to week.


It’s been a lot of fun and challenging.  This past week I was able to participate in a focus group with kids to learn what they thought was cool or not, and boy, was that eye opening! I’m excited to continue to learn more throughout these 7 weeks, and hopefully deliver impactful project results.

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