Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 9 2017

It’s pretty difficult to stop myself from snacking every five minutes in the Kraft Heinz office, especially since there are stock images of food and people eating scattered across the walls. When you walk into a conference room or meeting area, you’ll find yourself face to face with smiling children eating s’mores or the most amazing BBQ sandwich you’ve ever seen. It’s a complete immersion into the food industry that starts with your work and continues with the physical workplace. People have their brand’s product sitting on their desks, which I sometimes get to try.  For example, Chili Lime PLANTERS Peanuts or CAPRI SUN drink flavors.  What we get to work with is tangible, and it puts the end-product directly in our hands.

Having worked in places where the result of your work was less easy to experience or to visualize, it’s exciting to see my colleagues’ work in action. When a delivery full of KRAFT Blue Box macaroni and cheese dinner arrived at my house, I realized that my team had directly impacted that experience. Looking at the process it takes to get a product from a loading dock, distribution center, then to the porch of someone’s house or the shelf of their local bodega is a journey that involves so many moving parts.  I’m working on a project touching sales, supply chain, and marketing, so I can see the start to finish of the online business. Most trainees in any program discover that the learning curve is pretty steep when you step out of the classroom and into an actual role. But it’s a bit easier to stay motivated when you can see exactly what you’re working on, sitting on the shelves of the company store.

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