Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 9 2017

This marks our 9th week as Kraft Heinz Corporate Trainees and everyone is working hard to prepare for upcoming deadlines and first project midterm meetings. My role involves evaluating the Foodservice capabilities beverage equipment business and providing recommendations for consolidation, while forecasting potential cost-savings. I’ve spent the week interviewing regional beverage managers to identify which features are needed for specific equipment items and which models have worked best for their businesses. My next step will be to demonstrate the financial impact that this project could generate. There are many complexities surrounding this business and I’m excited to play a role in developing a long-term plan to optimize current processes.

Outside of work, our cohort volleyball teams had our first games on Monday. We lost, but it was still a lot of fun. There’s nothing quite like playing volleyball on North Ave at sunset. There’s a healthy number of intramural leagues being held in Chicago and I’m looking forward to playing sports year-round with my fellow trainees.

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